How to define a new role group in EAC?

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How to define a new role group in EAC? admin . 16th Mar 2017 . 2 Reply

Want to define a new role in a role group using Exchange Administration Center. How to do it?

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  1. In the EMC, direct to Toolbox right in the console tree.
  2. After reaching the work pane, double-click on Role Based Access Control (RBAC) User Editor and open the user editor in the Exchange Control Panel (ECP).
  3. Enter the required credentials in the Domainuser name and Password fields for the respective account provided it has the authorizations to open or access the user editor in the ECP.
  4. Click Sign in and then tap on the Administrator Roles tab.
  5. Select the role group you desire to add one or more roles to, and then click Details.
  6. Finally, after reaching the Roles section, click Add.
  7. Select the required roles (either one or more) to add to the role group, and click OK.
  8. At last, click Save in order to save the required changes to the role group.

However, it is also essential to even cross-check that you have successfully created a role group, and in order to do so follow the steps given below:

  1. In the EAC, navigate to Permissions > Admin Roles.
  2. Confirm that the new role group performs in the role group list and after that select it.
  3. Validate that members, allocated roles, and opportunity that you specified on the new role group are registered in the detail pane of the role group.
Runni Runni . 4th May 2017

Now that you want to add more users into your role group, following steps will be apt to follow:

  • In the EAC, browse to Permissions, and then Admin Roles.
  • Choose the role group in which you want to define a new role, and select Edit option.
  • In the Roles segment, specify the roles you want to add.
  • Once you’re done with adding new roles, click Save.
James James . 16th Mar 2017
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