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A utility that searches through an offline information store for integrity weakness is known as the Isinteg. As a matter of fact, Isinteg is used to perform some tests on the information stores and fixes few errors.

Isinteg runs at the command prompt and when run at the command prompt, the below mentioned switches are available:

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Database defragmentation is the process of rearranging data in the database to make the data storage contagious, remove the unused space, and compact the database. In short, the database defragmentation improves the database performance. Same is the case with the database of Exchange Server. Exchange Server itself performs an online defragmentation on mailbox store and public folder stores.

Online defragmentation is performed on regular basis in Exchange Server to reclaim the unused space and to compact the database. However, you can also manually defragment the database using eseutil (command line utility to repair and defragment the Exchange database) but for that mailbox stores and public folder stores must be offline i.e. the defragmentation so performed will be called offline defragmentation. Learn more

MS Exchange Server and MS Outlook both work in systematic collaboration to deliver an uninterrupted email communication within an organization. As you know, MS Exchange Server controls entire email data and stores in specific file format. Thus, it contains a huge amount of data and there are many chances of Exchange database corruption. Large database is always susceptible to corruption issues so Exchange Server administrators should keep their eyes regularly over any minor or major Exchange Server issues. There are some common Exchange Server errors that users usually face – Learn more